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Through your participation in The 24 Hours #goodmaker Project, thousands of lives will be changed forever. Select the donation level that best suits your ability to give, and become a member of the #goodmaker family forever.

All proceeds from The 24 Hour #goodmaker Project will be donated to in an effort to help fund as many water wells as possible. Every donor will receive a personalized thank you letter from the President and Founder of Drink More Good, Jason Schuler.

We understand that not everyone is in a position to give. If you aren’t able to give monetarily, we ask that you please share The 24 Hour #goodmaker Project on your social media and help spread the word through your network of friends and family.

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    Level 1: You ARE a part of the change.

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    Level 2: Your generosity is inspirational.

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    Level 3: Welcome to the #goodmaker family.

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    Level 4: Can you hear the clean water trickling? We can, because of you.

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    Level 5: Clean water will save lives because of your generosity.

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    Level 6: Thank you, #goodmaker. Today, you have truly helped change lives.

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